Sunday, 7 February 2010

Best John Terry Joke?

Which is the best John Terry Joke?

John Terry, England and Chelsea captain has been in the news for all the wrong reasons over an alleged affair.

John Terry's misfortune has however proved a boon to wags (pun intended) across the country as John Terry Jokes have hit the airwaves, newspapers and Internet.

We've picked some of the good John Terry jokes out there and we ask which is your best.

Click below and vote your best John Terry joke in our poll.

A Chelsea player is stopped for speeding at 130mph in a 30mph zone. When the police ask him to explain, he says: "I've just heard John Terry is parked outside my house."
After Wayne Bridge refused to play for England while John Terry remains captain, fans are now urging JT to try it on with Emile Heskey's wife.
Reporter: " Tell me John do you talk to your wife when making love"? Terry : " Only if she phones me"
John Terry has announced he's lost his England captain's armband. Fabio Capello tells Wayne Bridge to check under the bed.
If John Terry gets the push from Fabio Capello he says he will have a fresh start as a WAG and BONE man.

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